NMBLR user experience

NMBLR was designed specifically for progressive Biotech and Pharma companies in mind, to address real commercial challenges.

How NMBLR helps you and your teams

Connect data in real-time

NMBLR puts critical data at your fingertips, so diverse teams can co-create cohesive strategies for nuanced international markets.

Align decision making

NMBLR empowers teams to think sequentially and deliver answers to the right questions, bringing discipline and clarity to your strategic thinking.

Nurture thinking

NMBLR is a home for your living strategy that captures ongoing conversations and thinking all in one place. It allows your strategy to evolve and strengthen based on new evidence and insights.

Transform insight into strategy

Helps you be decisive and purposeful, providing a structured pathway designed to transform insights into world-class strategies.

“Pharma teams need a more accessible and user-friendly process to enable better decision making. NMBLR speeds up the passage of information between teams and keeps ideas and insights oriented to the final strategy.”

Malcom Allison

“NMBLR is at once both beautifully simple and stunningly complex. This could be the strategic planning tool that finally prises teams away from PowerPoint.”

Clare McGowne

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